Clarke’s paintings capture the visceral experience of humans: the internal struggle of being. The dislocated shapes are physically stuck, unable to break free from the inevitable solitude alienating them. Through textured layers and flat surfaces, clearly outlined silhouettes or approximative forms, the figures, absent to themselves, are craving a unification that seems out of reach.
With the use of a warm colour palette and comforting rounded patterns, Clarke manages to immerse the viewer in the intimacy of her paintings. The underlying tenderness of her works invite us to contemplate the incisiveness of personal despair, but coated with a glaze of empathy and care.
Julia Moustacchi, Independent Curator 

Rachel is a contemporary Irish Artist based in Dublin. Her work is largely concerned with the human condition, human experience and empathy. Rachel's work has been exhibited in a number of galleries including - Rua Red Dublin, and the Oxo Tower Gallery, London. Her work has been featured in publications such as Bloomers Magazine, Fac Magazine and The Dublin Inquirer. She has also carried out a commission for Subset’s Grey Area Project. Rachel is a founding member & Director of the female led art collective - Epoch Collective, whilst her paintings are currently held in a number of private collections.
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